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Although the blog is not up-to-date, the Lesestunde does continue!

In the fall of 2018, I stepped down from leading the group to go teach German at the Walden School.

The group has been left in the capable hands of Esther Ledermann and Claudia Kuckartz. It still meets on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 10:30.

Viel Spaß!

Today in the Lesestunde we’ll be talking about the farm!


  • Schweinchen auf dem Bauernhof by Moira Butterfield (Parragon Books)
  • Die kleine Spinne spinnt und schweigt  by Eric Carle (Gerstenberg, 1995)
  • Klipp klopp  by Nicola Smee (Moritz, 2015)


  • “Mh, mh, macht der grüne Frosch im Teich”
  • “Die winzig kleine Spinne”

There are different variations of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider in German, but this is the one that I learned:

Die winzig kleine Spinne kroch auf den Wasserhahn,
dann kam der Regen und warf sie aus der Bahn,
dann kam die Sonne und trocknet’s wieder auf,
und die winzig kleine Spinne kroch wiederum hinauf.

You can add some variations with “Die riesen große Spinne” or “Die kitzelig witzelig’ Spinne”!



To complete the story time, we made a little farm book with coloring pages. I pre-cut the pages, so the little ones would not have to do that part. First, I gave them the cover page that says “Auf dem Bauernhof” with the picture of the barn. Then I laid out the pages with various animals: die Ente, die Eule, der Frosch, die Gans, der Hahn, der Hund, die Katze, die Kuh, das Pferd, das Schaf, das Schwein. The children could choose one animal at a time to color and add to their book. At the end, we simply stapled the pages together.

Here is a sample of the pages:

Mein Bauernhofbuch GitA-page-002

You can download the PDF file with all 16 images here: Mein Bauernhofbuch GitA

Winter is definitely upon us! Two snow days in a row for us, which also meant having to miss our first story hour of 2018.

If you are looking for a winter activity to do with your little one in German, I just posted a number of ideas on my own site: German in the Afternoon Activities. There are coloring pages, mazes, and an activity with animal tracks.

If that isn’t enough, I also linked up my pinterest board with over 100 ideas for winter-themed crafts!

Stay warm and cozy!

I wanted to share a couple of German-related events I’ve recently heard about! I don’t know much about them myself, but I thought some of you might be interested!

November 25th: Christkindlmarkt in Warminster, PA (11am – 5pm) – You can read more on their Facebook page.

February 10, 2018: German Book Fair at the Immanuel School in Huntingdon Valley, PA – These are used books, but there is usually quite a wide and large selection! More info on their website.

If you know of any other German-related happenings in our area, please let me know, and I’ll share them with the group!

Last week in Lesestunde we celebrated Martinstag! We read stories about sharing with others, sang the traditional Martinstaglieder, and made lanterns. And then we got to parade through the library and into the neighboring bank!


  • Das erste Buch von Sankt Martin by Erwin Grosche (Gabriel Verlag, 2017)
  • Der rote Faden by Anne-Gaelle Balpe (Michael Neugebauer, 2014)


I also love to tell the fairy tale of the Sterntaler along with Martin’s Day. It’s the story of a little girl who is alone in the world and has next to nothing. And still, she gives away everything she does have. In the end, the stars fall from the sky and become gold coins, and she is wearing a beautiful new slip of the finest material.


Instead of reading a book this year, I decided to use the teaching method called Story Listening. As you tell the story, you draw images and label them in the target language (here, it’s German), so that the children can follow along. They were mesmerized! And the parents enjoyed it, too! Here’s what my board looked like when I was finished:

2017-11-03 11.26.58

Even though the children in the group are too young to be reading, putting the words under the pictures is a step to help them when they do begin to read.


  • “Ich geh’ mit meiner Laterne”
  • “Laterne, Laterne”

You can find lyrics to both songs and worksheets to go along with “Laterne, Laterne” at my website: Der gute Martin – German in the Afternoon Activities

Craft: Paper Lanterns

Once again, we made our paper lanterns to carry with us on our little parade. You can read a tutorial and download the templates at my website: Martinstag Laternen – German in the Afternoon Activities

Here is our group when we were finished:

2017-11-03 Martinstag post

Have you ever seen such happy faces? 😉

It seems a little early, but it was already time to celebrate Halloween at our last story hour!

We actually read four books, because I just couldn’t decide on three!

  • Die neugierige kleine Hexe by Lieve Baeten (Oetinger, 2003)
  • Pip und Posy: Das Gruselmonster by Axel Scheffler (Carlsen, 2015)
  • Für Hund und Katz ist auch noch Platz by Axel Scheffler (Beltz & Gelberg, 2017)
  • Wir sind Dreieck, Kreis, Quadrat by Felicitas Horstschäfer (Velber, 2012)

Why did we read a song about shapes that has nothing to do with Halloween?? Read on! You’ll see… 🙂

And of course we sang songs:

  • “Morgens früh um sechs”
  • “Ich bin die kleine Hexe” from Die 30 Besten Spiel- und Bewegungslieder
  • “Die winzig kleine Spinne”

To introduce “Morgens früh um sechs” I brought in a large cardboard clock. We didn’t focus on telling time – the children are much too young for that. But I used it to count up to 12. When we sang “kleine Hexe” we just had to ride our brooms around the room! And we used the colors of the children’s shoes to decide which colors the witch was wearing in the songs. And we went around 7 times – one for each child! For “kleine Spinne” we didn’t just sing about an itsy-bitsy spider. We also sang about a great big spider! Download the lyrics below for the other version.

You can download the lyrics here: Lieder Halloween GitA

We ended with a pumpkin craft. I found orange paper plates (at Target) to be our pumpkins. To make the faces, we used … what else? SHAPES! In the past I have used craft punches to make triangles, circles, and squares out of black paper. Then the children glued the shapes to the pumpkins. This year, however, I happened to find a box of foam shape stickers, so I snatched them up! The children had fun choosing their shapes and creating their pumpkins!

This week, we are celebrating fall! The weather has turned crisp as the leaves begin to turn glorious colors and fall to the ground!

Before we began, I used the German blocks that the library has to review numbers 1 through 10.  (You can actually get the German blocks – made by Uncle Goose – on Amazon!)


  • Zehn Blätter fliegen davon by Anne Möller (2008)
  • Manuel & Didi. Das große Buch der kleinen Mäuseabenteuer (“Die Laubhütte”) by Erwin Moser (2008)
  • Manuel & Didi. Das zweite große Buch der kleinen Mäuseabenteuer (“Der Apfel”) by Erwin Moser (2009)
  • Der Herbst steht auf der Leiter by Peter Hacks (2012)



  • “Wind” by Nena (Himmel, Sonne, Wind und Regen)
  • “Der Apfelbaum” (Die 30 Besten Spiel- und Bewegungslieder) Click for youtube video
  • “Der Herbst steht auf der Leiter”

You can download the lyrics here: Herbstlieder


The children were given a tree with numbers on it along with 10 foam leaves, also with numbers on each. With help from their mom or caregiver, the children matched the numbers from the stickers with those on the tree and stuck them in the appropriate place.

I also gave children a simple Malen nach Zahlen coloring page of a maple leaf and the colors red, orange, and yellow.

The older children only needed a little help with the numbers. And our younger friends enjoyed making their leaves extra colorful!

You can download the PDF files for FREE at my website: German in the Afternoon Activities.

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