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Wir feiern Martinstag

Posted on: 10. November 2017

Last week in Lesestunde we celebrated Martinstag! We read stories about sharing with others, sang the traditional Martinstaglieder, and made lanterns. And then we got to parade through the library and into the neighboring bank!


  • Das erste Buch von Sankt Martin by Erwin Grosche (Gabriel Verlag, 2017)
  • Der rote Faden by Anne-Gaelle Balpe (Michael Neugebauer, 2014)


I also love to tell the fairy tale of the Sterntaler along with Martin’s Day. It’s the story of a little girl who is alone in the world and has next to nothing. And still, she gives away everything she does have. In the end, the stars fall from the sky and become gold coins, and she is wearing a beautiful new slip of the finest material.


Instead of reading a book this year, I decided to use the teaching method called Story Listening. As you tell the story, you draw images and label them in the target language (here, it’s German), so that the children can follow along. They were mesmerized! And the parents enjoyed it, too! Here’s what my board looked like when I was finished:

2017-11-03 11.26.58

Even though the children in the group are too young to be reading, putting the words under the pictures is a step to help them when they do begin to read.


  • “Ich geh’ mit meiner Laterne”
  • “Laterne, Laterne”

You can find lyrics to both songs and worksheets to go along with “Laterne, Laterne” at my website: Der gute Martin – German in the Afternoon Activities

Craft: Paper Lanterns

Once again, we made our paper lanterns to carry with us on our little parade. You can read a tutorial and download the templates at my website: Martinstag Laternen – German in the Afternoon Activities

Here is our group when we were finished:

2017-11-03 Martinstag post

Have you ever seen such happy faces? 😉


2 Responses to "Wir feiern Martinstag"

[…] We read a couple of books, sing the traditional songs, and make paper lanterns. Then we get to parade through the library. This year, we even got to go into the bank next door! To read more about the books and songs, you can check out the story hour blog. […]

[…] got to go into the bank next door! To read more about the books and songs, you can check out the story hour blog. They were all so proud of their […]

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